Raid Shadow Legends PC

Plarium unveiled its brand new online game last year called RAID Shadow Legends. Initially planned for iOs and Android only, the game finally surfaced on PC and Mac at the end of 2019, beginning of 2020.

Raid: Shadow Legends therefore combines a heroic-fantasy MMORPG gameplay, but also has characteristics specific to strategic management games. It all takes place in a dark universe where terror takes place and you will have to fight to get out of it. The game includes both PvE and PvP, you will play both against the computer but also against other players in epic battles.

The game is of course international and available by very easily installing the Plarium Play platform, a new platform from the plarium group bringing together all of the publisher's games. Whether you are on PC, Mac, iOs or Android, you will be able to play Raid Shadow Legends.

Gameplay :

The main feature of RAID Shadow Legends is its PvP Arena battles. You will be able to challenge other players in the arena and pit your fighters against theirs with the sole goal of finishing victorious. This will bring you both experience and rewards, but will also earn you places in the general ranking of players.

Each player in Raid Shadow Legends has their own team of fighters called "champions". To date, there are over 300 champions, each with different characteristics and spells. Each champion belongs to a faction among 16 existing ones, it is up to you to choose your champions as best as possible, this will be of great importance during your fights, both PvP and PvE.

champions raid shadow legends

The dungeons in Raid Shadow Legends will allow you to challenge powerful creatures called "Bosses". These include the Castle of the Fire Knight, the Ice Golem Peak, the Spider's Lair and more. You can venture there with a group of friends or alone.

To optimize your chances of winning your fights, you will have to unlock different masteries for each of your characters. There are an infinite number of specificities to teach your fighters, the objective will be to build the most complete team possible by developing the best possible strategy.

The strategy in Raid Shadow Legends:

Strategy is a key part of Raid Shadow Legends gameplay. Although it is more of a mmorpg, the game has characteristics unique to those of a mmorts game, in other words a real-time strategy game. This is what makes it so popular, the gameplay of raid shadow legends is diverse and appeals to fans of strategy or role-playing games.

Optimizing your team of warriors is essential, on the one hand in choosing the right warriors, but also in the selection of their spells and attributes. Every detail counts and can make the difference against the opponent. It's up to you to make the best choices possible in order to make your team insurmountable.

raid shadow legends strategy

Raid Shadow Legends on PC, Mac, iOs and Android

To all of us, Plarium is now distributing Raid Shadow Legends on PC and Mac. To play it, you just need to install the Plarium Play launcher for free, available for mac0S, WIndows 7 and more. Plarium Play is a platform offering a multitude of online games and bringing together a large community of players around the world, a large part of which are French players.

Besides enjoying the best online games for free, loading games with Plarium Play launcher will be smoother and faster. You will also have a single identifier for all the games of the publisher Plarium.

Conclusion :

Raid Shadow Legends is the newest in online gaming in 2020. Whether you are a fan of mmorpg or mmorts you will enjoy its multi-faceted gameplay. By being among the first players of the game, you will also be able to get ahead of your future rivals, discover new tips, take advantage of promo codes and more. Discover now all the facets of the game Raid Shadow Legends on PC.